As the global leader in branded payments, you can always count on Blackhawk Network for the latest intel to help you succeed in business. After a year filled with chaos and change, we thought it would help our customers (and future customers) if we took a deep dive into digital and contactless payments, and how they have been affected by the pandemic.
Working with market and research analytics firm Leger, we conducted a global study to reveal how things, and shoppers' attitudes, have changed—the report, Global Digital Payments Insights.
Here are just some of the key findings:
Online-only retailers thrived. Consumers are turning toward online-only retailers at a more frequent pace.
Digital payments expanded. Digital wallets, digital gift cards, QR codes and barcodes were used for the first time by some consumers during the pandemic.
Digital wallet users say digital payments made their shopping easier and reported shopping more often.
Gift cards helped people connect to eCommerce in 2020. In particular, digital gift cards made it easy for consumers to shop, gift and pay online.
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Report: Global Digital Payments Insights