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The third annual 2019 Merchant Gift Card eCommerce Evaluation from NAPCO Research is better than ever—with 150 merchants rated on more than 100 important criteria. And given the current era of staying at home, more people than ever are making gift card purchases online for gifting, self-use and even for charitable donation.

Request your copy of this merchant evaluation, and we’ll deliver it straight to your inbox. Whether or not your brand was scored this year, you’ll definitely want to see how your industry—including your competitors—gift card eCommerce programs were rated this year. The insights in this full report let you:

  • See 150 merchant scores for over 108 criteria, including the purchasing and recipient experiences, discoverability, B2B offerings and more
  • Compare year-over-year scores to understand areas for improvement in 2020
  • Get benchmark data from other brands, including competitors and additional product categories
  • Explore what top brands are doing and other trends by industry verticals

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